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Review of last races in Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, CA

After a hard weather weekend Solly consolidated himself in the top5. Battling with other fast riders fighting for the podium after some time without riding in Chuckwalla Valley Raceway! Improving by 3 seconds his personal best laptime was b

attling with some of the fastest riders of the class in USA, gaining experience and having fun in California having four 4th positions and one 5th in the weekend.

"Firstly, I thought that the highlights were the races on Sunday. I personally thought that Sunday was my best day of the week, as I made the most improvements on that day. With some mental and physical improvements, I went into Sunday with more confidence and a drive to be faster and have a better approach to racing that day. I think that racing on Sunday was awesome. I cannot wait to ride more on the 400 and also I cannot wait to be back racing as I have missed this feeling cannot wait for more!" - Solly Mervis 25-

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