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March CVMA Report - Solly Mervis keeps working & achieving!

Breakthrough weekend for Solly Mervis at CVMA!!

Just as a diligent student prepares for their final exam with dedicated study and hard work, Solly Mervis concluded the winter season of CVMA racing with an outstanding performance that reflected his commitment and preparation. Achieving three wins and a second-place finish, coupled with consistently impressive new personal best lap times, marked a breakthrough weekend for him.

Throughout the winter months, Solly dedicated himself to rigorous training under the guidance of the highly skilled staff at Pittfit in Indianapolis. Additionally, a detour to Spain for riding and exploration further enriched his preparation. Arriving at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway with great anticipation and a determination for continuous improvement, Solly faced adverse weather conditions on Saturday, including unseasonably cold temperatures and steady rain. However, this did not deter him, as he secured his first wet weather win in the 500 Supersport class and claimed second place in the Ultra-lightweight class.

Sunday morning saw Solly elevate his performance even further during the Formula Lightweight race, setting new personal best lap times. Engaging in a thrilling race with multiple lead changes, Solly emerged victorious aboard the Ice Barn Racing Kawasaki Ninja 500. In the 500 Supersport race later that day, he once again triumphed on the Ice Barn Racing Kawasaki Ninja 400.

Reflecting on his achievements, Solly expressed gratitude towards his coaches, crew, sponsors, and family for their unwavering support. He emphasized his continuous dedication to improvement and highlighted the exciting prospects ahead, particularly with the Ice Barn Ninja 400. “I know that if I just keep working, and listen to my coaches, and my crew - good things will happen!” said Mervis. “I’ve put in a lot of time in the gym, and on the track working to become the best rider I can be, we’re just getting started on the Ice Barn Nina 400!!! The best is yet to come! I am very thankful for my crew, especially Sean Storment, Robin Hawley, Pat Kinney, and Jesse Merriman - without them I can’t turn a wheel on the track. I appreciate my sponsors, and my family. Racing is the best thing ever!” 

Solly's remarkable performance at CVMA serves as a testament to his dedication, skill, and determination, with promising prospects on the horizon as he continues to pursue excellence in his racing career.

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