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The story behind Ice Barn Racing

Passion and hard work have no limits

Ice Barn Racing is proud to share the story of Solly Mervis.

Solly's journey stands as a poignant testament to overcoming fears and conquering challenges to transform aspirations into reality. Driven by an unwavering passion for sports, particularly in the realm of professional ice hockey, we have wholeheartedly devoted ourselves to nurturing Solly's career and empowering him to pursue his dreams within the demanding landscape we navigate.

Solly's resilience knows no bounds. Confronting autism and various obstacles from learning to manage his neurodiversity, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of goals. Beyond his prowess as a rider, Solly shines as an academic standout, graduating with High Honors from Cathedral HS and earning an academic scholarship to Rose-Hulman, where he will pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His commitment transcends academia, exemplifying his role as a commendable citizen, brother, and son.

With his engaging and amiable personality, Solly's narrative is truly captivating. In his inaugural year of racing, he has consistently graced the podium multiple times across the USA.

At Ice Barn Racing, our dedication remains steadfast as we continue to bolster and propel Solly towards becoming an exceptional role model for young individuals. Together, we persist in pushing boundaries and celebrating Solly's remarkable achievements.

Solly Mervis: Defying Limits, Inspiring Dreams!

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