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Review of the last race of Motoamerica Junior Cup in Pittsburgh Int'l Race Complex, PA

Solly had a difficult start to the weekend. Although he was battling for top 15, he placed P24 in the combined qualifying standings due to his chain breaking halfway through qualifying. This was stressful especially because Solly was holding onto P14 for a solid amount of qualifying, and was on his best lap when his chain broke.

Mechanical issues continued in Race 1 as Solly battled on in the first race, but he suffered a broken clutch lever, pulling him from the competition (even though the Ice Barn Racing team fought tooth and nail to fix it ASAP). However, he was able to finish out the race, even dropping his lap time, and finishing in P29.

In the second race, the team got the machine gremlins solved, & Solly battled his way through the group, gaining positions and dropping lap time, for a hard earned finish in P17. This was a great accomplishment after a weekend filled with unforeseeable mechanical issues!

“The mechanical issues we had this weekend threw me for a loop, but I doubled down on my focus and did not let the stress get into my head. My hope for the weekend was to keep learning and improving my skills and improving my times, and I feel as if I did just that. I am proud of my work this weekend and I am still in awe that this was only my second time in a MotoAmerica race - getting to ride with the cream of the crop is a dream come true. Thank you to my family, our team, our mechanics, sponsors, and my supporters- you all make this possible! I am looking forward to my next race in NewJersey! 💪🏻💪🏻" - Solly Mervis 25

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