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Review of the last race of ASRA-CCS Series in Blackhawk Farms Raceway South Beloit, IL

After a month long break from racing, Solly got back on the track in a perfect shape due his hard work both on and off the bike!

Using his MotoAmerica Specs Kawasaki ZX4RR, Solly managed to battle for a spot on the podium, even with a handicap from his restricted bike.

Solly went home with two 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place, and finally a 1st place WIN!

“I am super happy about my weekend in Blackhawk Raceway! I am constantly improving and trying to learn new things every time I get on the track. I am excited for my next race of MotoAmerica and to be growing as a rider! I want to thank all my sponsors and people who made it possible!

Thank you very much to all of my supporters!" -Solly Mervis 25’

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